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Официальный сайт - здесь и сейчас!

vg_cnc Официальный сайт после некоторой паузы в несколько дней теперь вновь доступен для просмотра. Ненавязчивый дизайн, краткая информация по всем играм вселенной C&C, отсутствие громких баннеров и восклицательных знаков вместо точек уже дают долю оптимизма. "Итак, встречайте!"

Hello my Commanders – Today we went officially live with our new C&C website, including this awesome new forum software. This is our first Boom, because as you’re able to read in the interview with JVC, we’re not just developing a single new C&C game, instead we want to build a complete new basis for the future; a superior RTS needs a superior back-end. But that doesn’t mean that we are rushing out 5 games at once. We’re totally focused on the first new game, which will set the basis for the future of C&C and RTS.

Now that Victory Games and my existence are official, I can finally speak more often to you guys. It was really hard for me over the last few weeks to sit here and not write anything big to the community. Everybody on the team was with me during that hard time and helped me keep my fingers off the keyboard. I started being a dedicated part of this community as editor over seven years ago, so I’ve been with you through thick and thin. I wouldn’t accept to do this job if Victory Games was going for another C&C4. So don’t expect the new game to be out soon!

The whole team is really excited to work on a new basis for the C&C franchise. Everyone on this team knows that the last C&C title wasn’t as good as the franchise deserves. Nobody is here to develop a game for C&C that is not of AAA quality. We have a very experienced team working on the next C&C, with many different experiences in the gaming industry. This is a good basis because to restart a franchise, we not only have to look at what went wrong in the past, but we also have to look over the franchise horizon.

Also thanks for proving the C&C Community awesomeness. When we opened cncstage (our testing website) to the public without telling anyone, most of our team thought that no-one would find it. But boom, they were wrong and so you proved again how great this community can be!

Rock on!




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